Carrie Cotton

Just a Girl In The World Sharing The Ups and Downs of a Messy Life

It’s a topic that came up in church service last Sunday and I’ve been sitting with it ever since.

Do you know your purpose?

I don’t believe I ever lived with purpose until I started going to church and working on a relationship with God. I never questioned it.  Maybe it’s something that comes with age.  “What am I here for?  What is my purpose in life?”

I look back on my life, and see that there had to be a bigger picture.

I look at my career as a radio announcer, and still sometimes wonder “How in the world did I get HERE?”

I’m super shy – or at least I always was.  My dad said my nickname as a kid was “Olly Ostrich”  because I would always duck my head and hide from everybody.

It’s when you look back, you start to think, “Maybe there really is something to this. Maybe I didn’t accidentally end up here.  Maybe it’s been God’s plan all along.”

We learn in church, that we all have a reason, a purpose, for being here.  Each one of us has our own unique talents.

I look back on my life, and see at least three times when I could have lost my life.

The first time – I was a kid who snuck her way to the community swimming pool, against her mother’s wishes, and nearly drowned. I remember it vividly to this day. Fighting to get out of that water.

The second time – when my family was killed.  My mom, brother and sister went into “town” for food and a movie. I went upstairs to grab my money, and when I came back down they were gone. I could have/ should have been in that car.

And a third time, I fell asleep driving home after a late night out of town. I thought I could get by on a few hours sleep.  I realize now, just how easily it can happen.  I woke up to the car spinning.  And I remember vividly, it felt like someone reached down, like a kid with a toy car, and stopped it.

Until recently, I had not given much thought to those incidents.

Maybe, it’s because I am here for a reason and I still have a job to do.

I’d like to think, what I’m doing, is not just a coincidence. That I am doing exactly what I’m meant to do.

I hope so.



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