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Do you ever wonder how people SEE you? Do you wish you could see yourself through another’s eyes?

I do.

It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about actually. When I was learning to dance for a charity fundraiser, a song was suggested “a Carrie song – so you“.  To which I analyzed and over analyzed and wondered about how I am seen.

“I keep fighting voices in my mind that say I’m not enough
Every single lie that tells me I will never measure up”

It’s a beautiful Christian song by Lauren Daigle, singing the power of God’s love. To see things in us we don’t see. “You say I am strong, when I think I am weak. You say I am loved, when I can’t feel a thing. You say I am held, when I am falling short. When I don’t belong, You say I am Yours. I believe.”

I loved the song so much I got a poster of the lyrics in a frame for my home office.

I wish I could say I don’t worry what other people think or how they see me, but sometimes I worry too much. Some habits are harder to break than others.

I stared at my mom’s picture today. I did a side by side of the two of us. Looking, maybe desperately, for similarities.  The longer I miss her, the more I want to find ways to be like her so I don’t forget her.

I struggle with compliments at times. I look for a way around them. I try to find fault with them.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could flip a switch and see ourselves the way others see us? Would that change how we act? Would we walk taller? Be more confident in who we are?

I wonder.

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    Do you ever wish you could see yourself through another’s eyes?


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