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Just a Girl In The World Sharing The Ups and Downs of a Messy Life

I’m having one of “those” days.  The ones you can’t seem to escape from. Despite every effort – everything that happens seemed destined to defeat you.

One of those days when even your wardrobe seems out to get you.  Everything in my closet giving off this “tone” that screams “fashion disaster”, reminding me how little fashion sense I actually have.  Nothing matches. Nothing fits.  Why do I only buy black and various shades of grey?  Why do I really not know how to wear clothes?

Endless scrolling on social media doesn’t help.  Not where you want to go to feel better about yourself.  I need a filter on my life.

Yes, one of those days.  Even my hair is rebelling.  What a jerk. A quick look in the mirror and I see wrinkles I swear weren’t there yesterday. Is that really MY NECK? When did I get so OLD?

One of those days, you feel the pressure of a million things on your to-do list and not enough time or energy to get it done.

Kids. Appointments. Responsibilities.  Work.

Being an adult is tough. I didn’t sign up for this.

It’s been one of those days when my kids are having a tough time with friends/ school/ whatever – and no matter how hard I try to fix it, I feel like I am failing.  At all of it. The whole thing. I’m losing at parenting and life and I’m doing it with crazy hair, zero style and a wrinkly old neck. (smile)

It’s been one of those days that I wish I could reach out to my mom.  The lady who has been through it.  The lady I really put through it.  So I could hear the words of wisdom.  So I could hear the words “I told you so” with a chuckle.

One of those days where I still reach for food for comfort – even when I know better.  The donut in the drive thru was tasty, but just added to the feeling of failure.  Yep. Another diet attempt ruined by emotions. Doh!

This has been one of those days when you feel abandoned by everyone, because nobody understands, or maybe you just don’t trust them to hear you, but if you do find a soul to share with, you fear you’ve said too much, and will come across as broken, or worse – lacking control and the ability to keep it together.  Admitting you’re imperfect and scared and ashamed. Admitting that some days you just don’t have a clue how to do anything.

One of those days.  They happen and they really do suck.  But at least they don’t last forever.

Here’s to all the bad day warriors. The ones struggling with the bad wardrobe, mismatched socks, wrinkles and grey hair. Kids and bills and housework.

Here’s to you – on the bad days when you feel like you’ve broken your kids and don’t know how you’re going to go on one more minute because it all feels so overwhelming.

Life isn’t a race and you don’t have to be perfect or have it all together all the time.  Stop filtering real life.  It’s the bad days that make the good days even better.

We are tough cookies.  Sometimes we might crumble.  Doesn’t mean we aren’t ok.  Doesn’t mean we’re doing it wrong.

Keep on keepin’ on and we will get through “these” days together.




One thought on “It’s Been One of Those Days

  1. Linda says:

    Keep on keeping on!!!…..You remembered…..
    I had one of “those days” last week with everything thing I touched. So here’s what I figure. It’s the Universe, God, Spirit telling you/me to slow down, you move too fast. So I did….my day became softer and calmer and less scatter brained. Wishing you the same Carrie…..much love


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