Carrie Cotton

Just a Girl In The World Sharing The Ups and Downs of a Messy Life

The girl in the picture is me. Three years ago. When I first jumped into health and fitness for myself.  After struggling for years with low self esteem, lacking confidence in myself. I jumped in.  I worked out. Watched what I ate.  Now I look at that picture and wonder what happened to that girl who was so fired up. I miss her. I want her back. I want that excitement back.  So this is what I did.  
April 1st I embarked on a new health and wellness journey.  A journey into good eating in a Keto Correctly Support Group.
The focus – following a CLEAN Keto Diet. Reducing carbs (think no fruit but lots of veggies, and no breads or grains).  Healthy fats – like avocado and olive oil.
I’ve done pretty good so far.  Not perfect.  But I am proud of myself so far.
Day 1 was fairly easy.  But I missed my fruit.
Day 2 I felt tired all day.  Even though I got my workout in to start my day, I was feeling unusually tired.
Today is Day 3.  I have to say I’m thinking about food A LOT even if I’m not hungry.  It’s like, I know I can’t have it, so I want it even more.
I’m a bit tired still.  I actually sat on the couch and watched a bit of TV this morning instead of my morning workout.  I didn’t love that. It’s not what’s normal for me.
Overall I am feeling good about myself. In just a couple of days I have started to notice a difference in how I feel about myself. Instead of feeling a bit bloated and gross and hiding in stretchy pants, I put on some pants I’ve been afraid to wear for a while. This is what I do. It’s such a mind game. I tell myself I can’t fit into clothes when in reality I’m just hiding from the “what if they don’t fit”. But I actually felt less “puffy” today.  
I exercise daily.  It’s a rare day that I don’t. I love working out.  I love the feeling I get. The strength and confidence.  I know my morning workouts help get me through a busy work day.  And I have started taking a few classes at night which I love.  My problem isn’t with exercise.  It’s with FOOD.
I’m a snacker. An emotional eater. I will eat crap and then feed myself excuses as to why it’s ok.  Throw out those words like “balance” as if that makes eating a sleeve of cookies as a snack is ever ok.  
Exercise is good but it isn’t enough.  One of my favourite online fitness coaches always says “you can’t out train a bad diet”.  You can work out hard every day but until you control what you eat, you will never lose the weight or really be as healthy as you can be. 
I hate that food is a struggle.
I hate that it’s so hard to lose weight.
I hate that “bad food” is everywhere and constantly in our faces.
But I love myself enough to want more than that. So no matter how many times I fall off the wagon so to speak, no matter how many times I get off track – I will fight for my health and wellness.  I will keep going.  I will keep pushing myself to be the best I can be.  The healthiest, strongest, happiest version of me.

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