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Do you believe in “types”?

I used to live by my horoscope and astrological sign.  I knew all there was to know what it meant to be a Libra.  I embraced all that was good, and ignored the bad. (smile)

Peacemaker. Indecisive. All about balance. Detached. Superficial.  Romantic.

Someone recently introduced me to a new personality test.  It doesn’t have anything to do with when you were born, or the planets being aligned, but it was amazingly accurate to me. Even if I didn’t like the results.

It’s called the Enneagram Personality Test.  It takes a few minutes to answer a series of questions.  You do have to be COMPLETELY HONEST with yourself or results won’t be accurate.

The first time I took the test, I did it quickly and didn’t really commit to an honest answer. As much as I would have liked to feel I could relate to the result – I couldn’t. I knew it wasn’t really me. I knew I wasn’t being true to myself with the answers.

Sometimes it’s hard to be honest with yourself when you don’t like the answer. We don’t like to admit our faults.  We don’t like to see how we really are.

So, I did it again.

The second time I took the test – I KNEW – without a doubt, it was so me. According to the test, I’m a Type 6 – The Doubter.  Everything I read about “my type” was so true. Whether I wanted to admit it or not.

“Skeptical. Afraid to trust people. Searching for someone or something to believe in. Afraid of being alone and unprotected. Full of contradiction.”  Oh boy. Already uncomfortable.

“You are a “proof junkie” who needs to test people, ideas and beliefs over and over again to see if they are worthy of your loyalty.”   I feel like I should apologize to everyone who already knows me and in advance to everyone who might meet me someday.

“A hero at heart, you are capable of great acts of loyalty and courage.” I like to think so. It just takes dealing with all that FEAR to get to the great acts.

“You have a tendency to focus on the worst-case scenario. Your fears and doubts can keep you from taking action and/or trusting yourself and others”  Get out of my head.  Seriously.  It’s so true. I do it a lot. I have to admit, I’ve gotten much better over the years.  Thank you God for working on me.

Being honest with ourselves, even if just for what some might call a silly quiz, is tough.  Digging deep and really trying to understand yourself is scary sometimes.

But it’s necessary and it helps us grow into even more awesome of a human being.

Take the test.  Tell me your type, and then I will imagine all the worst case scenarios and test your loyalty and see if we can still be friends. (smile).

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